Kerala – A Complete Travel & Study Guide

Kerala is an incredibly beautiful place, full of green foliage, backwaters, landscapes, and mysteries, which creates a sense of awe and wonder in everyone who visits this place. It is a place that must be visited in one’s lifetime. In the literal sense, Kerala means, ‘the land of coconuts.’ The Legends of Kerala The inception of Kerala is linked intricately by […]

List of Most Famous Hindu Temples in India

Temples in India play a vital role in every mortal’s life. India, the land of pilgrimages, holy saints, devotees, and religious cults attracts tourists from all over the world. Pilgrims and tourists come to India exclusively for Hindu temple tours in search of harmony and spirituality. In the ancient era, royal kings and common people would worship Gods and goddesses […]

Places to Visit near Kedarnath

The holy town of Kedarnath sits comfortably on the lap of the mighty Garhwal Himalayan range near River Mandakini. Pilgrims utilize the Kedarnath travel package and flock to this place during the pilgrimage months of April to November as a part of their Chota Char Dham Pilgrimage Yatra. Being located among the lush green rolling mountains, the surrounding areas of […]