5 Experiences in Nepal except Himalayas

Nepal is a great little country and these 5 maina sensations that offer many more activities besides knowing the Himalayas then the good feelings multiply as we travel through the city with a name as beautiful as that of Kathmandu, we see the great Himalayan range from the airplane window (or, better yet, in person doing trekking), or we visited the peaceful villages of the Nepalese countryside.

Nepal Experiences

The Warm Smile of the Nepalese

It sounds like a cliché to say that the best of a country are its inhabitants, but in the case of Nepal it could not be more true. The Nepalese are very kind people, they always welcome you with a smile accompanied by a greeting in the solar plexus and the everlasting Namaste, a word that serves as a greeting, to give thanks, and to say goodbye.

Apart from their palpable kindness, the Nepalese are always open to helping the tourist (and without asking for a tip!), To show how their lifestyle is to the visitor, and make our stay a lot more pleasant experience.

Of course, when they are at the controls of the motorcycle are transformed into impatient beings without any appreciation for life, whose sole purpose is to put the vehicle they drive through the minimum gap they find.

The Mystery of Buddha’s Birthplace in Lumbini

Nepal is a country with a great religious sense, and although they are mostly Hindu, many of them share the ideas of Buddhist philosophy or religion.

The most special place you can visit in Nepal is Lumbini, a small town where you can visit the exact place where Budha was born, more than 2,500 years ago.

Apart from the birthplace of Budha, in Lumbini, we will find a large complex of up to 25 Buddhist temples, meditation places, and other buildings in which to sink into the precepts of Buddhism.

The Madness of Taxis

Well in the case of taxi drivers, this transformation is even worse, because of the bad driving, the fact that they are taxi drivers, and therefore always have priority and always find a place to put their little ones to taxi ride through Kathmandu is a real competition for dusty tracks full of potholes, dodging motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians that cross where they can, in chaos without organization or concert, where curiously there are hardly any accidents.

The experience of riding a taxi in Kathmandu is something worth living.

As a tip, I will tell you that it is possible to negotiate the price of the race before entering the taxi since the tourists refuse to turn on the meter since they know that they will be able to charge more money.

The Magic of Sunset in Pokhara

Pokhara is the city visited by all the expeditionists who want to trek to Everest or the Annapurnas because here is possible to acclimatize to the Nepalese lifestyle, acquire the last necessary equipment and, why not, have fun in the lively nightlife of the most westernized people of Nepal.

One of the biggest attractions of Pokhara is its large lake, in which to enjoy a unique sunset while we travel by boat and visit the small temple on the island that is inside.

Another place that we cannot get lost in Pokhara is the viewpoint next to the peace pagoda, located at the top of the mountain, and from there is a great view over the whole valley, bordered by the imposing Himalayas in the background.

The Strength of elephants

When you return to the Chitwan National Park, where you can see the great animals, such as rhinos and tigers, in freedom, we can go to one of the elephant breeding centers to meet these great pachyderms firsthand.

Some of them offer the possibility of climbing on the back of an elephant as if enjoying the suffering of these animals was something that all tourists liked.

Others, the most aware of their conservationist work, allow a few meters away from these impressive animals and even be able to see them for a few seconds, to see how strong their skin is and the great sensitivity they will give off.

For my part, you were amazing to see how they used their long trunk to tear a branch, which was eating little by little, without but without pause.

Although they still have a long way to go to become a tourist destination accessible to the general public, they are gradually opening up to the international public and offering many more activities besides knowing the Himalayas.

Of these experiences, which one would you like to live in Nepal?

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Param Dass

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