Ancient Temples of India

The culture of India can be traced back to ages ago which is clear due to the presence of innumerable ancient temples that dot the entire nation. These places have been worshipped for a very long time and have attracted tourists from all over the world. These temples are well renowned for their significance and historical importance. If you are […]

An Ultimate Guide to Chardham Yatra by Helicopter

The spiritually evoking Char Dham Yatra keeps leveling up. What used to seem like an impossible task for many Indians centuries ago, has now turned into a journey that is comfortable and very smooth. One of the most revolutionary steps in making Char Dham more comfortable and luxurious for all was the introduction of helicopter trips. Among all the various […]

Traveling Light: Ideas for Your Next Adventure in Packing

Experienced travelers pack light. You may remember going to Disneyland with the family and fourteen suitcases, and it definitely doesn’t give you the independence and freedom of movement you want on a long trip. Here are some ideas on how to pack for convenience and comfort and still carry as little weight as possible. Pack for Your Destination Check the […]

Ferry in Chilika Lake and Sri Jagannath Temple in Malad

As the sun glows above the sky and the birds fly beneath the clouds, we boarded a ferry in Chilka Lake to accomplish our wish of completing our coastal line road trip through Orissa. A few fishermen were trying their luck with their nets in the lake while our ferry ripped apart the deep bluish-green water of the lake. A […]

Travel Tips to Make Your National Park Trip More Enjoyable

National parks are great holiday destinations for nature lovers and adventure seekers. They offer a wonderful mix of scenic wonders, rugged terrain, and grand vistas. As such, they attract millions of tourists each year all over the world. The majority of the tourists roughly 58 percent come to national parks as they love the spectacular scenery and landscape. The sprawling […]

12 Health Tips for Women: Healthier Women are Happier Women!!

It has been seen that while the lady of the house literally stands on her toes all day to make sure that her family gets the best of everything, the overwhelmingly long list of chores she has at hand during the course of the day leaves her with little time to take care of her own self and her own […]

5 Steps to Take Before Flying International With Your Dog

Many people find traveling by airplane stressful, from going through crowded airports to shelling out your hard-earned bucks to pay the fares. So imagine how daunting it would be for your canine. Luckily, there are steps you can take to ensure your beloved pooch has a comfortable and even fun flying experience. Check them out below: Choose Dog-Friendly Airports First, […]

5 Experiences in Nepal except Himalayas

Nepal is a great little country and these 5 maina sensations that offer many more activities besides knowing the Himalayas then the good feelings multiply as we travel through the city with a name as beautiful as that of Kathmandu, we see the great Himalayan range from the airplane window (or, better yet, in person doing trekking), or we visited […]

Plan a Trip to Kerala – Travel Guide

Kerala nicknamed God’s Own Country is a significant tourist destination in South India, ideal for leisure, romantic holidays as well as nature tours. This south Indian destination is known for its realm of nature and the state is immensely gifted with many wonderful attractions that every year, millions of tourists National and International visit to relax and spend a glorious […]

Packing List for an Enjoyable Family Road Trip

Family road trips are a lot of fun and perfect for spending quality time with family. It is important that you prepare well for the road trip or it will become a nightmare. An essential component of a good road trip is packing right. It is important that you pack all the essential stuff so that you do not find […]